2 Benefits of Completing 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

2 Benefits of Completing 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

4 October 2017
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If you are really interested in the practice of yoga, and you want to deepen your understanding of yoga and you want to have the ability to pass your love of yoga onto other occasionally, a 200 hour yoga teacher training course, often referred to as 200 ytt, could be a good fit for you.

#1 Learn How to Teach Yoga

One of the biggest benefits of taking a yoga teacher training course is that you will learn how to teach others about yoga. You will learn how to help others warm up and walk them through various moves. You will learn how to connect and flow from one position to the next. You will learn how to transition smoothly from positions.

You will also learn techniques for engaging your students. Yoga is not just about guiding your students from one position to the next, it is about providing them with an experience that allows them to get in closer touch with their bodies. You will have a chance to find your yoga teacher voice and figure out what experience you want to impart on others when you teach them yoga.

You will learn different tips and tricks from working with a variety of different instructors during your training. This will help you see how to guide your own student's growth and development. 

#2  Learn More About Anatomy

When you take a yoga teacher training course, you are not just learning yoga poses, you are learning about the anatomy of the human body. You will learn all the muscles and body parts that are affected by each pose. You will learn how flowing from one pose to the next affects one's body. 

You will also learn how various conditions affects one's ability to enjoy yoga. Your students will come to you with imperfect bodies and health issues. You need to know how to respond to each student's unique body and needs in order to make the practice of yoga enjoyable and safe for them.

The more training you obtain, the more you will learn about how to help your students move in a way that benefits their body. Additional training will help you guide students to strength and healing through the practice of yoga. Yoga has an incredible power to heal when properly taught. 

If you really love yoga, take a 200 hour yoga teacher training course will depend your understanding of how yoga is taught and practices, and the way that yoga impacts one's body. Even if you are not interested in a full-time teaching career, completing a yoga teacher training course can deepen your understanding and relationship to yoga.