3 Creative Ways To Stay Active This Summer

3 Creative Ways To Stay Active This Summer

25 October 2017
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Don't get the winter blues. There are lots of ways that you can stay active and healthy during the winter. You can use the stairs to workout, hit the ice for some skating, or take a fitness class.

#1 Use The Stairs

Stairs can be a great exercise element. Regardless of if you walk up and down them or run up and down them, they are a great leg and cardio workout. You can find stairs in lots of different places that are inside and safe to use for winter workouts. You can walk the stairs in your office building, or head over to the local mall and take the stairs inside the mall.

Find a building that has inside stairs that you can do some workout intervals on. Walking and running on the stairs, even for ten to fifteen minutes, can be a great way to get your daily workout in.

You can mix it up by climbing the stairs two at a time to push your leg muscles. You can also do jumping jacks in between each floor if you are able to find multi-level stairs to work out on.

#2 Hit The Ice

Going ice skating can be a great way to get in some exercise. You can head over to your local indoor or outdoor skating rink. Be sure to invite a friend to go ice skating with you. Skating is a great exercise because it also you go work out your entire body. You engage your arms, core and leg muscles in the act of skating. Just getting out on the ice with friends can be beneficial.

If you want to push yourself on the ice, you do skate as fast as you can for a set distance, come to a stop, touch the ice and skate back to your starting spot, stopping and touching the ice. Do this in the middle of the rink and make sure that you don't interfere with skaters. This is basically like the shuffle run on ice.

#3 Take A Fitness Class

There are lots of great indoor fitness classes that you can take during the winter months. You can find a fitness class for all kinds of exercise levels and styles. If you like riding bikes, you can take a cycling class. If you like to dance, you can take a Zumba class or another type of dance-orientated class. If you like to work out your core, you can Pilates. If you want to hit a little bit of everything you core body class. For an engaging workout that will stretch you out as well, you can sign up for a yoga class. 

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