Your New Fitness Program: Staying Motivated

Your New Fitness Program: Staying Motivated

1 May 2018
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You might have been so eager to become physically fit that you recently signed up for a fitness program at the local health club or gym. However, for real success that doesn't fade after a few months, you'll need these fitness pointers to carry you through.

1-Set Small Goals

Your overall goal may be to lose a ton of body weight or to build your body into a powerhouse, but that's what can make failure easy. When you do not see the huge changes you want right away, you can ger discouraged; that's why it's preferable to start with some smaller goals.

You may want to lose 100 pounds, for instance, but start with losing five or 10 a week. You may one day hope to lift hundreds of pounds, but if you have to start with dumbbells, for now, make a goal to do a certain amount of repetitions. By setting the bar more realistically, your goals are within reach and achievable. As you reach those small goals, soon you'll see how much progress you're making toward your larger ones.

2-Join a Group

Your own goals can be sidetracked by tiredness, being busy or other issues. There may be times you really want to quit and go back to your old, easier lifestyle. At those times you need the strength of others who are also reaching for similar goals. Others might not understand why you want to get fit so badly or understand your feelings; people in weight-loss or fitness support groups do. You can lean on them, and when you feel better, you can be the support for others; this should keep you all on the right fitness track.

3-Exercise In The Mornings

You may be sleepy when that alarm goes off, but early mornings can be perfect for your fitness program. The day and any stressors in your life haven't kicked in yet. You haven't worked for hours, you haven't disagreed with anyone yet, and you haven't been stuck in traffic. That means a lot of the distractions that keep you from working out haven't happened, so you have no excuse. Knocking out some light cardio or doing a set of yoga poses is easier, and then you can get on with everything else.

Remaining hungry for a fitter body is easier if you think about these issues. Retain a personal trainer at the gym for even more motivation, direction and support in your fitness program.