3 Creative Ways To Stay Active This Summer

25 October 2017
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Don't get the winter blues. There are lots of ways that you can stay active and healthy during the winter. You can use the stairs to workout, hit the ice for some skating, or take a fitness class. #1 Use The Stairs Stairs can be a great exercise element. Regardless of if you walk up and down them or run up and down them, they are a great leg and cardio workout. Read More …

5 Tips To Help You Stay Committed To Your Weight Loss Plan

21 October 2017
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As you make the choice to commit to a healthier lifestyle for weight loss, the biggest challenge is staying strong in your resolve to see it through and meet your goals. You might start out strong, but change is hard. Here are some simple things you can do to help you stick with it.  1. Plan and prep your meals. Nothing is the enemy of your weight loss more than indecision. Read More …

Studio Exercise: How To Liven It Up And Have Fun

17 October 2017
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Most people hate to exercise. The mere thought of moving faster and sweating until you stink is not high on anyone's priority list. Yet, most adults have to get more exercise. If traditional forms of exercise make you want to hide under a blanket and pretend you are in a sleep marathon, why not try some form of studio exercise? Here are several suggestions to liven up your otherwise cringe-worthy exercise sessions. Read More …

Make Sure These Attributes Come Across When You Work With Personal Training Clients

16 October 2017
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Anyone who wishes to be successful as a personal trainer needs to not only have a high degree of technical know-how but also be able to be a likable person for his or her clients. Successful personal trainers are commonly upbeat and positive, which is important because they'll occasionally need to play the role of cheerleader for clients who are discouraged about their lack of progress. Beyond being supremely positive, here are some other personality attributes that you'll need to excel in this profession: Read More …

2 Benefits of Completing 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

4 October 2017
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If you are really interested in the practice of yoga, and you want to deepen your understanding of yoga and you want to have the ability to pass your love of yoga onto other occasionally, a 200 hour yoga teacher training course, often referred to as 200 ytt, could be a good fit for you. #1 Learn How to Teach Yoga One of the biggest benefits of taking a yoga teacher training course is that you will learn how to teach others about yoga. Read More …