Studio Exercise: How To Liven It Up And Have Fun

Studio Exercise: How To Liven It Up And Have Fun

17 October 2017
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Most people hate to exercise. The mere thought of moving faster and sweating until you stink is not high on anyone's priority list. Yet, most adults have to get more exercise. If traditional forms of exercise make you want to hide under a blanket and pretend you are in a sleep marathon, why not try some form of studio exercise? Here are several suggestions to liven up your otherwise cringe-worthy exercise sessions.


Dancing like Shakira is a pretty hot thing. By the end of an hour of zumba, you will be very sweaty, panting like a thirsty dog, and feeling actually quite sexy. This type of studio class combines Latin dance moves, belly dance moves, line dancing moves, and even a few free-form dance moves. Shaking and gyrating really brings your heart rate up, and with all of the other hip-py ladies in class, you will not feel out of place either.

Pilates Fusion

A Pilates class is usually just a lot of stretching and holding Pilates moves. A Pilates fusion class, however, combines Pilates with a dance class for cardio, or with a yoga class for more intense core training and relaxation techniques. Many fitness studios offer different types of Pilates fusion classes to appeal to everyone's likes and dislikes.

Dance Classes

There are over two dozen different styles and forms of dance. If you like to dance, or if you really love dancing, then maybe it is time to learn proper form and technique while getting a good workout. Tap, salsa and swing are good for cardio, while ballet, belly, and Irish are really good at strengthening muscles and improving balance and posture.


Yoga has been around for forever. You might think that yoga is one of the worst options because it is just stretching, breathing, and humming, right? If that is all you know about yoga, you are missing a lot. There are eight different types of yoga, each one with its own benefits.

Some have you practice postures, others have you hold positions that will have you sweating heavily to maintain the position. If you are not sure which type of yoga to try, and you know you do not want to do the breathing and chanting type, ask the fitness instructors at the exercise studio which ones they would suggest. Who knows? You may just decide that you really like yoga and want to try other classes offered by the studio. Contact a studio, like Athena Fit Studio, for more help.